A study of the fetishism figure and sale
To customers living in countries other than Japan. (2015/09/06)

PayPal is the only payment method for those who live outside of Japan. If you wish to pay by card, we recommend that you purchase through Wonder Remix.

That I must first tell first.I can ship the figures and material to foreign countries, but the solvent can not be sent to another country.This is because it is prohibited flight because it may lead to an aircraft accident.

I'll explain the flow of up to how the payment of the purchase.

First, you choose your desired product from the shopping cart.

This shopping cart will be written in Japanese, I translated into English in the future figure.

The figure above shows the scene of the purchase of the shopping cart.
Please You follow as that shown in red text.

This is a page to confirm the purchase thereof.

>Whether your chosen item has been displayed?
>Do not mistake the quantity?
>Do Amounts are displayed correctly?

Press the big black button if correct display content.

Please fill out your personal information in this page.

First, you will fill your name and e-mail address.

Subsequent item is a thing of the Japanese market.
This is not important. Please fill in something.

The part that is surrounded by a red square, please fill in all your correct information.
Your postal code, address, telephone number, please fill in the blanks.

If there is a deficiency in this field, I can not deliver the goods to your home.

Please press the big black button when you are finished filled in.

When your order is confirmed, you will receive an automated email.

However, since the mail there is an error in the postage, please ignore.

Then, I will send you an email with fill in the correct total amount. (English notation)

Thereafter, also receive an email for payment from PayPal.

Please complete the payment in accordance with the mail.

I will send the goods after confirming your payment.

And I will inform you of the slip number in the e-mail.

This will be the procedure of dealings.

I am waiting for dealings with you. Best regards.

DFK / Sukisada Momose